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    27 Unbelievable Aquariums You'll Wish Were In Your Home

    Who knew aquariums could be so alluring?

    1. This hanging fish tank greatness.

    2. This above average sink situation.

    3. This stunning kitchen island.

    4. This killer office aquarium.

    5. These Out of Order telephone booths.

    6. This Seinfeld-inspired, humble, underwater abode.

    7. The AquaDom, an aquarium inside the Radisson Blu Hotel in Germany.

    8. This open top, classy af aquarium.

    9. This tiny, tiny house for tiny, tiny fish.

    10. These iMacs that have been transformed into something magical.

    11. This aquarium IN THE CEILING.

    12. This pure symbol of sophistication.

    13. This labyrinth of fun for your fish friends.

    14. This aquarium on the commode.

    15. This aquarium at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, that has a slide going through it.

    16. This thing that is a fence but also kind of like an above-ground moat.

    17. This charming abode for Marlin and Nemo IRL.

    18. And this dark, Gothic aquarium that's probably just for vampires.

    19. This fancy-fance end table.

    20. This literal WATER CLOSET LOL.

    21. This continuous aquarium.

    22. This kind of morbid frozen aquarium.

    23. This not-so-boring bus stop.

    24. This Grandfather clock with fish in it.

    25. This incredible bed aquarium.

    26. This acoustic guitar now uncomfortably filled with water, but still pretty cool.

    27. And last but not least, this aquarium that is also R2-D2.