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Did Your Rescue Animal Actually Rescue You?

Because adopting an animal changed your life for the better.

As many of you know, adopting an animal is one of the most gratifying experiences in life.

It's a wonderful thing knowing you saved an animal in need, and welcomed them to a loving home and life of possibility!

But after a time, you may have found that you weren't the only one being the rescuer.

In fact, you realized that in many ways, your rescue animal rescued you!

Maybe your pup saved you from being irresponsible, and taught you how to truly care for another living being.

Or you adopted a kitty that rescued you from loneliness.

Perhaps your brave cat saved a child in danger.

Or maybe you just met a best friend that saved you from ever having any more boring moments in life.

If you've rescued an animal that subsequently rescued you, we want to hear your story! Leave a comment and tell us about the ways your furry friend changed your life.