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24 Times Boston Terriers Were The Cutest Dogs On The Internet

We need more Boston Terrier love going around, folks!

1. It's time to get excited, because this is about to be BOSTON TERRIER CUTENESS OVERLOAD.


3. Some Boston terriers wear the permanent "Did I forget to lock the door?" expression.

4. While others are inspiring leaders in the world of doggie fashion.

5. And of course, the famed Tickle Terrier is in the ranks of great Bostons.

6. Or the infamous "Boston Terrier Meets Ball."

7. And we CANNOT forget about the Boston terrier vs. the hose.

8. Most Bostons, like these two, are just trying to live their best lives.

9. Along with this guy, who is not pleased at his new shoes, but not about to miss out on a treat.

10. Boston terriers are cute even when they are being grumpy gills.

11. Like this guy who is refusing to have a good time with all his friends.

12. And this guy who is REALLY good at throwing shade.

13. They aren't always the brightest.

14. Or the most graceful...

15. ...but they're so chill, it doesn't matter.

16. They may be small, but they are MIGHTY.

17. And they like for everyone to know who is in charge around here.

18. Well...not always.

19. They're not the biggest fans of being put in costumes.

20. Like, not at all.

21. But they can appreciate a good sweater.

22. And a particularly good scarf.

23. It's about time the world acknowledges just how wonderful Boston terriers are.

24. Because look at them, they're PERFECT. / Via


This post was inspired by bertj, BuzzFeed <3's you!

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