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26 Phone Notes That Are Funny For No Damn Reason

What do they mean???

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1. We've all experienced it; finding a note in your phone that is totally, utterly, unexplainable.

-- @EllaMosco

2. They never make sense.

-- @bauerpower

3. They never have context.

-- @LilDeuceDeuce

4. And they're almost always on the edge of brilliance.

-- @DaveBibby

5. Some forgotten notes hold the key to a lifetime of success and wealth.

-- @abbiisurdad

6. They're simply revolutionary.

-- @CathRathbone

7. Others...WELL.

8. Some phone notes tell a story you only wish you knew the ending to.

-- @c0mic_sans

9. Like, WERE there bushes???

-- @Pat_Walther

10. And some stories are more concerning than others.

-- @jackarymackary

11. In fact, drunk notes can be the most difficult to decipher.

-- @Kianaalvarezz

12. Or they be the most genius and profound.

-- @pipabeths

13. Wow.

-- @gypsybl00d

14. Other phone notes leave a lot more to the imagination.

-- @jadenrosie

15. ..................

-- @TheKrausHouse

16. Sleep-written notes are in a league of their own.

-- @dswfanclub

17. Truly inspired.

-- @__jeffica

18. There's also the "Helpful Reminders" category of notes.

-- @connorl5

19. Including reminders to pee, or how incredible Adele is.

-- @Lornitis

20. Or not so friendly ones.

-- @Jessica94163372

21. Oftentimes these notes come from the darkest recesses of our brains.

-- @BurtKonklin

22. Forgotten until you decide "HEY let me do a little phone maintenance!"

-- @rachel_hatch

23. What seemed like a good idea is almost never actually a good idea.

-- @kladzinksi

24. Like, they're terrible ideas.

-- @prissyclerks

25. But wherever they come from, wherever they go...

-- @cathgurll

26. Sometimes they can really make you think.

-- @madigans71

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