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    26 Phone Notes That Are Funny For No Damn Reason

    What do they mean???

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    1. We've all experienced it; finding a note in your phone that is totally, utterly, unexplainable.

    2. They never make sense.

    3. They never have context.

    4. And they're almost always on the edge of brilliance.

    5. Some forgotten notes hold the key to a lifetime of success and wealth.

    6. They're simply revolutionary.

    7. Others...WELL.

    8. Some phone notes tell a story you only wish you knew the ending to.

    9. Like, WERE there bushes???

    10. And some stories are more concerning than others.

    11. In fact, drunk notes can be the most difficult to decipher.

    12. Or they be the most genius and profound.

    13. Wow.

    14. Other phone notes leave a lot more to the imagination.

    15. ..................

    16. Sleep-written notes are in a league of their own.

    17. Truly inspired.

    18. There's also the "Helpful Reminders" category of notes.

    19. Including reminders to pee, or how incredible Adele is.

    20. Or not so friendly ones.

    21. Oftentimes these notes come from the darkest recesses of our brains.

    22. Forgotten until you decide "HEY let me do a little phone maintenance!"

    23. What seemed like a good idea is almost never actually a good idea.

    24. Like, they're terrible ideas.

    25. But wherever they come from, wherever they go...

    26. Sometimes they can really make you think.

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