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    21 People Fearlessly Being Themselves

    "Be yourself!" said everyone. And so they did.

    1. This kid who has his priorities straight.

    2. This lady who SAID she didn't like roller coasters, but nobody believed her.


    3. This guy.

    4. This guy, ready to strut his stuff at any possible moment.

    5. This woman who knows what she needs and isn't going to be embarrassed about it.

    6. And this kid who will also commit to being comfortable.

    7. This woman whose photos probably turned out amazing.

    8. This guy who knows what it takes to make a living sometimes.

    9. This gentleman whose shirt is covered in his own fabulous face.

    10. This very proud cat owner.

    11. This kid and his carefree confidence.

    12. The "Green Lady."

    13. This person wholeheartedly embracing their uncoolness.

    14. This couple, who have one love above their love for each other.

    15. This dude, who has given up and doesn't care who knows.

    16. This kid really going for it with that watermelon.

    17. This woman who truly believes that you can be whatever you want to be.

    18. This guy who lives in the lap of luxury, always.

    19. Nathan.

    20. This woman, casually putting her remarkable skills to use.

    21. And finally, this man who knows exactly how to live his best life.