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19 Tiny Things To Make Your Lil' Heart Happy

"What is this, a BuzzFeed list FOR ANTS???"

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It's no joke that tiny things can make you happy simply because they are tiny.

Walt Disney Studios

1. Like this mini doorway for particularly small guests.

2. Or this tiny closet that fits one broom, max.

3. This itty bitty forest that someone was kind enough to label.

4. And this Rubix cube you can only solve if you happen to be shrunk but also happen to be good at Rubix cubes.

5. This vending machine that sells water per drop.

6. This walking stick fitted with it's very own tiny sock and shoe.

7. This lamppost door that might lead to the mouse version of Narnia.

8. And this grape who just didn't wanna grow up.

9. This teeny tiny violin, next to it's big brother for scale.

10. These sample tents at R.E.I., built for fairies who want to pretend to be human for a lil' bit.

11. This gorgeous landscape portrait you can slip right into your pocket.

12. And this Stonehenge chillin' on a random sidewalk.

13. This phenomenally small Shakespeare collection.

14. This tiny pickle that somehow also looks serious.

15. This perfectly bite-sized hamburger.

16. This "Caution" sign FOR ANTS.

17. This bottle of alcohol for babies, but not really for babies because babies can't drink alcohol.

18. This 1ml beaker that will break if you breathe a little too hard.

19. And finally, these adorably tiny things.

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