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18 Pictures That Perfectly Summarize Your Thoughts On Dogs

"So, good news, I saw a dog today."

1. When your day is graced by their presence:

2. And when you can focus on nothing aside from the dog:

3. When you get actually emotional at how cute they are:

4. When your mom sends you pictures of your dog while you're away:

5. When you visit someone's house and they don't have a dog, so you're like, "why am I here":

6. When you see a dog available for petting:

7. When your crush says they don't like dogs:

8. Your view on mutts:

9. And your view on dogs in movies:

10. When people ask if you have a significant other:

11. Or when your crush doesn't realize your dog will always come first:

12. When you think about what the world would be like without dogs:

13. And when you see a dog owner NOT treating their pup like he is the best thing that could ever happen to them:

14. Your kryptonite:

15. And your endless internal struggle:

16. Whenever you hold a new dog:

17. And whenever you spend more than five minutes with a dog:

18. And finally, when people ask why you would like dogs more than cats: