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18 Reasons Working At A Vet Clinic Is The Best

Here's lookin' at you, vet techs of the world!

1. Your patients are the best in the world.

2. Like, seriously.

3. And your photo roll is almost entirely pictures of cute animals.

4. Random tubs of puppies are not uncommon.

5. And all your friends get incredibly jealous of that fact.

6. When people ask what you're up to at work, it's never a run-of-the-mill answer.

7. And your reasons for being late are usually pretty solid.

8. Your snapchat game is STRONG.

9. Like, REALLY strong.

10. Getting distracted at work for you means being handed a kitten.

11. And even when you are doing boring paperwork, there are tiny animals giving you kisses.

12. Clinic cats are a real thing.

13. As are pocket kittens.

14. Your friends and family come to you for pet advice.

15. Boredom at work isn't all that common.

16. Especially because every day is different from the last.

17. This T-shirt pretty much sums up your life.

18. And the best part is you're really making a difference in the world. So thank you, from animal lovers everywhere. 💖💖💖