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17 Times It Shows That You Hate Physical Activity

More than three stairs and you're sweating.

1. When someone yells, "Catch!":

2. When someone pulls out the ol' "You're so tall, you should play basketball!":

Friends / NBC

3. When you're hanging out and everyone decides to play a game involving physical activity:

4. Whenever you're in gym and your main focus is not doing gym:

5. When you try to lift anything slightly heavy:


6. When athletic people say they'll go easy on you:

7. And when they're like, "Oh, I bet you're not THAT bad!":

NBC Universal

8. When your friend volunteers you for physical activity just for the hilarity that will ensue:

9. When you try to understand working out:

Disney Channel

10. When you try to maintain your dignity while completely failing at a sport:

11. And when your dignity simply cannot be saved:

12. When you're late so you power-walk and exert yourself a little too much:

Comedy Central

13. When you didn't realize your friend's building doesn't have an elevator and they're on the sixth floor:

The CW

14. Or the crushing moment you discover the escalators are out of order:


15. When you remember the days your parents forced you to participate in school sports:

16. When you genuinely TRY to like sports as much as everyone else:

17. And any time anyone tries to make you run for any reason whatsoever:


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