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14 Times You Silently Judge People

If we're honest there are an infinite number of times you silently judge, but here are fourteen of them.

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1. When people say "I hate drama":

2. When someone is older than 25 and throws big birthday parties on non-milestone years.

"You are 27. Stop."


4. When your friend claims they are sick but uploads counter-evidence to social media:

5. When it's below freezing and people still choose fashion over warmth:

7. When you planned way in advance and then watch people scrambling to get ready last minute:

"We all knew this day was coming for four weeks and you are still not ready."


11. When the photographer says "Smile like you mean it!":

12. When someone repeats a joke that nobody laughed at the first time they said it:

"Let this one rest, buddy."

13. When someone is trying way too hard to impress you:

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