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    Posted on Nov 4, 2015

    14 Times You Silently Judge People

    If we're honest there are an infinite number of times you silently judge, but here are fourteen of them.

    1. When people say "I hate drama":

    2. When someone is older than 25 and throws big birthday parties on non-milestone years.

    "You are 27. Stop."

    3. When you see people in lame ass Halloween costumes: couldv'e been ANYTHING and that's what you went with?

    4. When your friend claims they are sick but uploads counter-evidence to social media:

    5. When it's below freezing and people still choose fashion over warmth:

    6. When someone uploads a selfie and the caption has nothing to do with said selfie:

    7. When you planned way in advance and then watch people scrambling to get ready last minute:

    "We all knew this day was coming for four weeks and you are still not ready."

    8. When someone claims they only have Tinder for friends:

    9. When you hear a couple using pet names they made up themselves:

    "Did you just call him...turtle butt?"

    10. When someone's fashion choice is so bizarre that you can't stop looking at it:

    11. When the photographer says "Smile like you mean it!":

    12. When someone repeats a joke that nobody laughed at the first time they said it:

    "Let this one rest, buddy."

    13. When someone is trying way too hard to impress you:

    14. And finally, when someone asks "Are you going to eat that?" when you are 100% going to eat that:

    "My food is my most precious thing."

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