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    7 Reasons To Love Hungryroot

    There's a new food delivery service in town, and now it only takes 7 minutes and $10 to make a gourmet, healthy dinner.

    1. It's Fast.

    7 minutes, people. Everybody got time for dat.

    2. It's Easy.

    Olive oil + vegetables + sauce + garnish.

    3. It's Delicious.

    Beet Noodles with Thai almond butter, pickled sweet peppers and sesame seeds

    Designed by Top Chef Master, Franklin Becker, these meals combine flavor and texture in a way that's impossible not to enjoy.

    4. It's Filling.

    Turnip Noodles with toasted walnut pesto and carrots

    The portions are huge. Still want more? Add chicken for $2.

    5. It's Guilt-Free.

    Carrot Noodles with tangy sriracha peanut sauce, lime chimichurri and sweet pickled daikon

    All the meals are gluten free and 500 calories or less. Yes, really.

    6. It Offers Variety.

    Sweet Potato Noodles with Brussels sprouts, cranberries and creamy cashew alfredo

    With six options, and more to come, there's a choice for every meal of the day. Sweet potato noodles and cranberries for breakfast? Okay, yes.

    7. It's Reliable.

    Zucchini noodles with pomodora sauce, sweet basil gremolata and parmesan cheese

    The two-day guaranteed delivery system is reliable and fresh. And you don't have to be home for them to leave your zucchini noodles at your doorstep. Because who's home at noon when the delivery man shows up?

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