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    Posted on Jan 30, 2018

    This Cat And His Space Heater Is The Only Winter Relationship I Care About

    Cold weather goals.

    Meet Busao-san: a cat living in Japan who is doing winter right:

    @tanryug / Via Instagram: @tanryug

    Sure, it's been a season of freezing temps, slushy snow, and some bombogenesis bullshit, but as Busao-san proves, nothing else matters when you've got your space heater close.

    @tanryug / Via Instagram: @tanryug

    So cozy. So toasty.

    There are people out there who will insist that January and February are great months for going out and ~adventuring~ outdoors. Those are not your people.

    Besides, Busao-san would like to point out that you can do PLENTY of activities indoors.

    @tanryug / Via Instagram: @tanryug

    Such as: not being cold.

    He personally enjoys staring into the electric coils of his heater...

    ぶさお&りん / Via Facebook: busaophoto

    And taking naps nearby...

    ぶさお&りん / Via Facebook: busaophoto

    And touching it, just to feel extra warmth.

    @tanryug / Via Instagram: @tanryug

    Moar heat make him strong.

    And if you don't have a space heater, Busao-san also recommends sitting next to other large, warm objects.

    ぶさお&りん / Via Facebook: busaophoto

    But for max toastiness, nothing beats this:

    ぶさお&りん / Via Facebook: busaophoto

    See y'all in the spring! If anyone needs us, we'll be pulling a Busao-san and staying put.

    This post was translated from Japanese.

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