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    These Extreme Slap Scenes From South Korean Soaps Just Changed The Entire Soap Opera Game

    Let us be the ones to introduce you to the kimchi slap.

    Soap operas are notorious for truly epic slap scenes — but we are pretty sure that nothing can top the legendary "kimchi slap" from one of South Korea's daytime dramas:

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    This scene, from South Korea's 2014 morning comedy-drama series Everybody, Kimchi!, has become a viral mainstay on the internet ever since.

    In September 2014, the slap victim/actor Won Ki Joon discussed the slap on South Korea's talk show Radio Star, revealing, "I got chili powder in my eyes, nose, and ears, and got a severe headache later that night."

    Is the kimchi slap epic? Yes. Is it an isolated incident? Definitely not — we did a little investigating, and found several other scenes from South Korean soap operas that deserve just as much recognition as the kimchi slap:

    1. The Gimbap Slap:

    SBS Drama / Via

    Featuring the sushi-like seaweed rice roll, from the show Happy Sisters.

    2. The Gimbap Slap II:

    SBS Drama / Via

    3. The Doenjang Slap

    SBS Drama / Via

    Featuring soybean paste, this scene is also from Happy Sisters.

    4. Another Doenjang Slap:

    SBS Drama / Via

    5. The Spaghetti Slap:

    MBCdrama / Via

    Not traditional Korean food, but still epic. This one's from Eve's Love.

    6. And finally, the Samgyeopsal Slap:

    tvN DRAMA / Via

    Featuring the grilled pork belly dish. This is from Rude Miss Young-ae.

    And if that all doesn't leave you feeling equal parts hungry AND inspired, then nothing will.

    MBCdrama / Via

    BRB — taking notes from all South Korean soaps on how to be **the most** dramatic with food 5ever, k thanks.

    This post was translated from Japanese.

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