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    Please Watch This Incredibly Important Video Of A Little Girl Sneezing So Hard She Falls Over

    Thank you.

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    This video was posted last week by Japanese Twitter user @okoge0801 and it’s since been retweeted over 100,000 times.

    自分のくしゃみで吹き飛ぶ娘 かわいすぎわろた

    Via Twitter: @okoge0801

    “My daughter who was blown away by her own sneeze. Too cute, loled."

    The girl in the video is one-year-old Tsukasa, and this is what happens when she tries to sneeze.


    This surprising moment captured on video gathered many comments.

    @okoge0801 作用と反作用。分かりやすい。

    “Action and reaction. Very easy to understand"

    There's even Tsukasa sneezing fan art.


    "That child who flew with her own sneeze was so cute."

    @okoge0801 @tela_monaliza ダメだ。何回見ても面白すぎて笑っちゃう。

    “I just can’t. No matter how many times I watch, it’s too funny, I can’t stop laughing."

    @okoge0801 手前で寝てるやつが一番気になる

    “I’m most curious about the guy sleeping in the front."

    BuzzFeed News spoke to Tsukasa's father, who originally posted the video on Twitter.

    Tsukasa's mother shot the video and her father said he's unfortunately the one asleep in the video. "My hair is messy and sweaty, and I wish I had dressed a little more decently," he said.

    "She got up with a straight face and continued to watch the Okasan to Issho program on DVD," he said. "Our girl is quite tough!"

    He said he was a little alarmed by the reaction on Twitter. "My account doesn't have a lot of followers, so I never imagined this would happen. I'm in it too, so I kinda regret posting it."

    But he said it was a treat to be able to share in Tsukasa's adorable and lively moment. "I'm glad it brought a smile to many who watched the video," he said.

    This post was translated from Japanese.

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