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    The New "Suicide Squad" Cast As Iconic Animated Characters

    Sure, they started out animated, but what if they were mashed up with other cartoon faves?

    Naveen from Princess and the Frog as Deadshot

    Marie D'Ambrosio / Walt Disney Pictures

    Naveen has a lot of charisma and could really bring some of that to the role of Deadshot.

    Thumbelina from Thumbelina as Harley Quinn

    Marie D'Ambrosio / 20th Century Fox

    Thumbelina has that joy for life that would be perfect for the lovable-yet-wacky Harley Quinn.

    John Smith from Pocahontas as Rick Flagg

    Marie D'Ambrosio / Walt Disney Pictures

    Smith would play Flagg with the kind of depth and feeling that we could count on.

    Captain Phoebus from The Hunchback of Notre Dame as Captain Boomerang

    Marie D'Ambrosio / Walt Disney Pictures

    Phoebus would excel at adding that down-to-earth touch Captain Boomerang is in need of.

    Crysta from FernGully as Enchantress

    Marie D'Ambrosio / 20th Century Fox

    Crysta would bring the necessary amount of mysticism that the role of Enchantress calls for.

    Eric from The Little Mermaid as The Joker

    Marie D'Ambrosio / Walt Disney Pictures

    Eric as a twisted Joker would be especially creepy given his innocent nature, adding an element that would be truly disturbing.

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