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  • Is There A Cheater On Big Brother Canada?

    During last nights Head of Household competition on the Canadian version of Big Brother there was a little controversy. During a game where contestants had to transfer balls from flowers to their stations, one of the rules was you could not transfer the balls with your hands. The eventual winner(Emmet Bloies) was shown at one point to be transferring what looked like a yellow ball in his hands. I am not here to prosecute or lay down a ruling I am just here to show the evidence.

  • Survivor Hall Of Fame

    With the 26th season in progress I figured what better time to come up with a Hall of Fame of Survivor Players. I have for you today the first 15 inductees. Others will be added when this season ends.

  • The Many Faces Of Brandon Hantz

    Brandon Hantz, the reality TV star, was recently kicked off another season of Survivor. This time it was because he couldn’t keep control of his emotions. Here are some examples of Brandon Hantz(a.k.a. The Honey Badger) being emotional.

  • 6 Characters I Want To See In The Veronica Mars Movie

    If you’ve seen the Kickstarter video than you know Veronica herself(Kristen Bell), Papa Mars(Enrico Colantoni), Logan Echolls(Jason Dohring) and Dick Casablancas(Ryan Hansen) are all on board for a Veronica Mars movie. Taking that in to consideration, here are six other recurring characters from the original Veronica Mars series that I would like to see return for the movie.

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