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Which Change Made In A Book-To-Movie Adaptation Really Grinded Your Gears?

I still do not know why they changed the setting of The Princess Diaries from New York City to San Francisco!

It's seems like every other show or movie that comes out these days is based off a book or some other source material.

It's not easy to adapt things for the screen! No one can get it perfect and things are always going to have to change or get tweaked in order to make sense for a visual medium.

However, it's not always done...well, to say the least. Some of the changes made either don't serve the plot at all or somehow make the plot worse!

Like, it's a small change, but when Hermione's Yule Ball dress was pink instead of blue:

Or, medium-sized detail, but when they moved the setting of The Princess Diaries from New York City to San Francisco:

Mia in her car as it goes backwards

Or, large-sized omission, but when Harry snapped the Elder Wand in two rather than using to to fix his broken wand:

So now it's your turn! Tell us which book-to-screen omission, change, or tweak — no matter how big or small!!! — you found to be annoying, unnecessary, or detrimental to the source material. Tell us in the comments below, and your answer could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!