24 Unrealistic Depictions Of Real Life In Movies That 100% Grind My Gears

    Can someone please, please, PLEASE shut the door??

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share which movie tropes really get on their nerves. Here are some of the most annoying picks:

    1. When women wake up in the morning looking perfect:

    Poppy waking up

    2. When women run from villains and scary creatures while wearing high heels:

    3. When the rude, bratty, self-absorbed teen is almost always, if not always, a girl:

    Dorrit giving backtalk to her father

    4. When there’s just that one fluorescent light in dark interrogation rooms:

    5. When people hang up the phone without saying goodbye:

    6. When people never take their shoes off inside and even wear them on the sofas and beds:

    Schmidt, Nick, and Jess sitting on a bed while wearing their shoes

    7. When someone shows up at someone else's house to have a conversation that could have happened over the phone:

    Jughead showing up at Betty's window

    8. When people are able to have intense and intimate conversations in loud, crowded bars:

    Lorelai and Emily having dinner at the bar

    9. When a character says, "We have to talk," but doesn't elaborate on what needs to be talked about or when it needs to be talked about:

    10. When someone gets shot and a person immediately tries to remove the bullet instead of waiting for medics:

    11. When a character tugs on a necklace that someone else is wearing and it comes off as if clasps don't exist:

    12. When cheerleaders are usually portrayed as mean and/or dumb:

    13. When two people go from yelling and screaming at each other to making out and on the brink of having sex:

    14. When anyone at a bar orders a beer — no specifics, just "beer":

    15. Same with coffee:

    16. When the bad boy gets into trouble and his punishment is being forced to participate in the arts:

    Landon performing onstage with Jamie

    17. When every aspiring writer seems to become an author overnight:

    Two copies of Lucas Scott's novels

    18. When a character walks in on a conversation and happens to hear the most pertinent part, which usually results in a misunderstanding:

    Shrek overhearing a conversation between Fiona and Donkey out of context

    19. When every high school student gets into an Ivy League college:

    20. When the mean girl is always flanked by her two sycophants:

    Mean girls from "Mean Girls," "The Princess Diaries," and "A Cinderella Story"

    21. When friends always meet up at the SAME spot, and you can usually find one of them there:

    Monica, Chandler, Rachel, and her date sitting on the couch at Central Perk on "Friends"

    22. When a character spontaneously quits their job with no backup plan:

    23. When everyone has everyone's phone number in the entire school:

    24. Finally, when NO ONE SHUTS THE DOOR!

    Kirsten and Sandy walking through the door without opening it