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    Tyler C. Has Set The Bar Extremely High After The Way He Handled Fantasy Suite Week

    Every week I love Tyler C. more and more.

    Last night on The Bachelorette was everyone in Bach Nation's fave episode: ~Fantasy Suite Week~.


    Fantasy Suite Week is when the bachelorette takes her remaining bachelors and has an off-camera night with them where they may do whatever they please.

    Everyone in Bach Nation, especially me, simply couldn't WAIT for Tyler C.'s time with Hannah B.


    Like, my goodness. Would you look at that?


    But things didn't turn out how we expected. Hannah B. revealed to Tyler C. that she didn't want to explore their physical relationship that night.


    Like, on one hand, I get it. On the other hand, I don't understand.

    And then, because he's Tyler C. the Chivalrous, he had the BEST response.


    My heart. You can read his entire speech here if you wanna swoon even harder.

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate this unproblematic man who simply loves and respects Hannah B.?

    Here are some of the best and funniest tweets about how amazing Tyler C. was last night:


    Tyler C: shares his heart and soul and walks away in his tiny mint shorts me: #TheBachelorette



    Tyler C’s daily breakfast #TheBachelorette


    Tyler C 9 weeks ago vs. Tyler C now. #TheBachelorette


    Tyler C: -has an MBA -comforted Hannah during their 1 on 1 -stood up for her when she was being slut shamed -wore a kilt bc he‘s secure in his masculinity & knew she would like it -calls her an angel -drives a bot -looks like THIS Ur fave could NEVER #thebachelorette


    tyler c: “or what” me: #TheBachelorette


    Tyler C supporter of a woman’s boundaries #TheBachelorette


    Tyler C. talking about honoring boundaries #TheBachelorette


    Me when @AlabamaHannah said she wasn’t going to bang Tyler C in the fantasy suite on #thebachelorette


    live footage of me looking for the reason why hannah b didn't fuck tyler c in greece #theBachelorette


    You know who's not controlling, narcissistic or full of himself? Tyler C #TheBachelorette


    Me explaining to Tyler C. looking Tyler C. that I will up at me bc he love him I am a total unconditionally and stranger he would always be my first choice #TheBachelorette


    Tyler C: *Breathes* Me: #TheBachelorette


    when Hannah says she doesn’t want to go to the fantasy suite with man candy Tyler C: #TheBachelorette


    Literal footage of me trying to find Tyler C so I can marry him in my own windmill #TheBachelorette


    tyler c respecting and understanding boundaries !!!!???!!??!! #TheBachelorette


    The C in Tyler C stands for consent #TheBachlorette

    In conclusion:

    Tyler C might be one of the best contestants in bachelor history #TheBachlorette

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