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    "Too Hot To Handle" Is Netflix's New Dating Show About Hot People Who Can't Have Sex And I'm...Intrigued

    Too Hot To Handle is Too Messy Not To Watch!

    Buckle up, kiddos, 'cause you're in for a bumpy ride. Netflix just dropped the trailer for their newest dating reality series, Too Hot to Handle, and it is a trip and A HALF.

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    "Too Hot To Handle puts to the test whether these hot singletons can find emotional connection...without the sex."

    YUP! You read that correctly. These hotties who've never gone more than a handful of days without having sex must live under the same roof...without doing the do!

    The "do" includes (but is not limited to): kissing, "heavy petting," and even masturbation.

    You're probs like, "OK, so what happens if people hook up anyway?" WELL, I'm glad you asked, dear reader. If the house remains abstinent for their stay, they all split $100,000. But every sexual infraction committed by a couple — or, ahem, someone flying solo — results in them ALL losing money from their collective pot.

    I think it goes without saying that they're def gonna lose some money.

    How much money, you ask? Only one way to find out!

    So, be sure to check out Too Hot to Handle, streaming on Netflix on April 17.