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    Tom Holland Dancing In These Videos Is The Only Thing I Care About On The Internet Right Now

    Tom Holland truly is a gift to us ALL.

    This is Tom Holland, aka our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

    He's an actor! He's America's sweetheart! But, most importantly, he's an AMAZING dancer!

    Well, this weekend, some video proof of Tom Holland's dancing talents have resurfaced and, let's just say, it's been a blessing to us all.

    This is the tweet that started it all:

    A 2016 video of Tom Holland dancing to a remix of @Drake’s “Controlla” has gone viral and it’s absolutely everything. 😂

    Those hips do not lie.

    And as if that video wasn't enough, this video ALSO came back to life.

    While y'all are sharing that one dance video of Tom Holland I would just like to remind everyone that this one also exists

    My goodness.


    AND THEN, because good things come in threes, this video has ALSO resurfaced.

    Since that clip of Tom Holland and Deja Carter is going viral again I thought I’d just let y’all know that there’s a vid of the two of them dancing with Zendaya too 😍

    Deja Carter — the choreographer in the middle — originally posted this vid from that blessed day on her IG. All I know is that this glorious day should be written about in history books.

    I, on behalf of all the Tom Holland fans out there, wanna thank the folks who retweeted these videos back into relevancy.

    So, if you've seen these videos before, please and kindly enjoy them again. If this is your first time seeing them, welcome to the Tom Holland fan club.