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    Tammy's Attempt To Sabotage Kelsey On "The Bachelor" Last Night Totally Backfired

    "I love mess." —Marie Kondo, probably about The Bachelor.

    No time for pleasantries — we gotta dive right into the mess. Last night was the fifth episode of Peter's season of The Bachelor and things got HEATED between Tammy and Kelsey.

    Tammy went to Peter and said that Kelsey had a "mental breakdown," which worried Peter but also upset him a bit because it wasn't any of Tammy's business.

    Kelsey, after being confronted by Peter about her emotional state, asked the girls who among them spoke to Peter about her. Tammy was notably quiet.

    Fast forward to the end of this three-hour saga: the ladies were upset because Peter canceled the cocktail party that evening and Kelsey illegally received a rose after going to see Peter on her own earlier that day.

    When asked what Kelsey said to Peter, she said the only thing she addressed were the rumors about her "alleged" drinking problem and pill popping, and all the girls then ganged up on Tammy for starting said rumor.

    When Tammy tried to backtrack, she was met with accusations and anger. Needless to say, a lot of tears were shed.

    Some members of Bachelor Nation now think that Tammy is the new villain:

    Officially cancelling Tammy. Girl bye #TheBachelor

    Me when Peter didn’t send Tammy home after all the drama she caused: #TheBachelor

    The whole world when he picked Tammy #thebachelor

    my reaction when tammy got the final rose #TheBachelor

    Tammy why are so fixated on how much Kelsey cries and drinks? Like what does that have to do with you? I’m so confused! What are you the crying police? Like just stop! #TheBachelor

    All these girls putting Tammy in her place #TheBachelor

    Bachelor Nation unstanning Tammy after tonight’s episode #TheBachelor

    Tammy: “I gave up my entire life to be here.” Wait, we’re supposed to feel sorry for that? That’s a choice you made. You weren’t kidnapped and thrown onto the show against your will.

    *Tammy gets a rose* The rest of the girls: #TheBachelor

    While others see Tammy as a real one:

    Tammy keeping it real once again #TheBachelor

    “He does have to eventually pick one person.” Tammy here explaining the concept of The Bachelor to Kelsey like a month in. #TheBachelor

    Tammy is ALL of us when our super emotional friend gets even more emotional when she’s drunk #TheBachelor

    “I’m not gonna mope around and complain about imaginary problems.” I love Tammy #TheBachelor

    Tammy is giving off strong "per my last email" energy 👏 and 👏 I'm 👏 here 👏 for 👏 it #TheBachelor

    Tammy’s mood described in one photo: #TheBachelor

    The jury's still out on whether or not I'm #TeamTammy or #TeamKelsey, but you better believe I'm gonna watch all the mess unfold!