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Kylie Played "Rise And Shine" For Stormi And Stormi Immediately Asked To Play Travis Scott Instead

Rise and shut down.

By now, you've probably seen this viral clip of Kylie Jenner waking Stormi up from a nap by singing the iconic banger, "Rise And Shine."

i can’t stop watching this i’m dying

This was, hands down, the best part of her Kylie Cosmetics office tour.

Well earlier today, Kylie uploaded this video of Stormi listening to what sounds like a techno-fied version of "Rise and Shine" and then ASKING FOR TRAVIS SCOTT INSTEAD.

Certified savage.


Allow me to break it down for you, because this is a hoot and a half:

The video starts off with Stormi bopping along to "Rise and Shine," the remix.

Honestly, not sure if that's Kylie's phone or Stormi's phone. The world will never know.

Kylie then asks young Stormi if she likes the tune and Stormi hits her with this:


Live footage of me when I got to this part in the video:

New Line Cinema

So, Kylie conceded and gave Stormi what she wanted, much to her delight.

I mean, "Sicko Mode" DOES go off.

I can't help but respect the kid for knowing what she wants!

Icon in the making.

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