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26 Spotify Wrapped Memes To Help You Laugh Through The Pain And Embarrassment Of Your Music Choices

"Spotify Wrapped is both a gay person's Christmas and Twitter's Met Gala."

'Tis the season — no, not Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, but for the annual Spotify Wrapped receipts!

Twitter: @badbvtchenergy

I look forward to this every year, even though it's basically Spotify dragging me for a year's worth of choices.

In case you're curious why #SpotifyWrapped is trending, it's not because the app is down, but rather it's because Spotify revealed to their users what their top songs/artists/genres/podcasts are for the year.

So, please enjoy these tweets — and just know that if you're embarrassed, that's OK, because we're ALL embarrassed:


Me waiting for my Spotify Wrapped results

Twitter: @yagorlbek


spotify wrapped: "vibe check! you understood the assignment and kept it on fleek with this podcast that lived rent free in your head, just like an NFT"

Twitter: @AsteadWesley


Twitter: @MrThiccBone


Always feel very left out this time of year #SpotifyWrapped #spotifywrapped2021

Twitter: @lewisjwr


Twitter: @sunsantidote


spotify said my aura was “wistful and yearning” so yeah my feelings are hurt gonna go stare out a window pining for lost love for a while

Twitter: @holy_schnitt


i love spotify wrapped because how else would i remember just how depressed i was from january to october



happy gay christmas (spotify wrapped)

Twitter: @jaboukie


spotify the only tech company to figure out how to successfully rebrand "we've been tracking you" to "isn't this FUN"

Twitter: @delia_cai


how can a person only have men in their Spotify wrapped

Twitter: @keyon


Twitter: @MarcSnetiker


spotify wrapping everyones music right now

Twitter: @juul_survivor


spotify wrapped is kinda lame honestly

Twitter: @tropicanapussy


Twitter: @rajat_suresh


i love when spotify wrapped comes out because i can see what specific type of white person i was that year

Twitter: @csydelko


To all the young people out there who haven't gotten the Spotify Wrapped results they were hoping for, just remember that there's no wrong path. I left school without a single Spotify Wrapped to my name and, hey, I seem to be doing okay.

Twitter: @Sayers33


Twitter: @theephe_girl20


Twitter: @MorningBrew


I'm seeing lots of Lorde in everyone's Spotify Wrapped, but where were you all this summer while I was in the trenches fighting for my life to defend Solar Power?

Twitter: @josephlongo_


Spotify wrapped u guys are gay/sad

Twitter: @doddleoddle


you checkin spotify wrapped when it was you who got played the most this year

Twitter: @ihyjuju


men posting spotify wrapped instead of working 13 hours hmmm ok girl

Twitter: @UnkleDell


you can hide your emotional state from your friends, therapist, even yourself. but you cannot hide from spotify.

Twitter: @emerylord


spotify wrapped is both a gay person’s christmas and twitter’s met gala

Twitter: @luvyoutosaturn


Ur telling me I could have gotten an AUDIO AURA?????? That’s it I’m switching to Spotify that’s the last straw

Twitter: @teaxtarot

26. In conclusion:

i am not posting my spotify wrapped. no. i am calling my therapist

Twitter: @rachelzegler

So, what was your most listened to song of the year? And which artist? Genre? How about your most embarrassing Spotify Wrapped discovery? Share all of your shame in the comments below!