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    It's 2019 — It's Time To Admit That Sharpay Evans Was Not The Villain In "High School Musical"

    Nothing but respect for MY drama club president!

    The year is 2006 and High School Musical is all anyone can talk about. Everyone's obsessed with Troy and Gabriella, our star-crossed lovers, and everyone loves to hate on Sharpay Evans, the villain who's standing in the their way.

    Fast-forward to 2019: we're older, wiser, and three movies and a series into the HSM franchise. A clip of Sharpay Evans resurfaces on the internet and we all realize what has been true all along: that Sharpay Evans deserved better in High School Musical.

    Let's break it down, shall we?

    ALL Sharpay ever wanted was to perform in musicals. She DEVOTED herself to the drama department. Had I given the audition* of a lifetime like Sharpay and Ryan did, only to see Troy and Gabriella on the callback list even though THEY MISSED THE AUDITION, I, TOO, would be upset.

    Then, to make matters worse, Troy and Gabriella spend the entire movie debating whether they should even go back for their final audition because they care about basketball and scholastic decathlon more. Meanwhile, Sharpay is over here FULLY DEDICATED TO HER CRAFT.

    This all results in Troy & Co. pulling some high jinks to delay the championship game and the academic decathlon so that he and Gabriella can give an unrehearsed audition which LANDS THEM THE LEADS IN THE MUSICAL.

    To add insult to injury, Sharpay and Ryan are made their understudies!

    Like, what is Sharpay's true crime? Being passionate about drama club and musicals and wanting the lead? You call that being a villain, I call that being ambitious.

    I'm not the only one who's seen the error of my ways and have decided it's time to stan Sharpay Evans in 2019:

    @thiamxnewtmas Growing up means.....coming to love Sharpay more than Gabriella

    Hot Take since “Sharpay” is trending: Sharpay was not my favorite character growing up. But since I became a drama student in high school and now work part-time as a theater tech...yea, Sharpay had nothing but love and passion for the musical, and I respect her for it.

    There are those who've always seen the light:

    hi friendly reminder that Sharpay Evans is THAT bitch and i will be channeling her from now on

    sharpay was publically humiliated by the new girl at lunch after delivering one of the best solos of all time. she deserves to be mad, i’m mad for her. she was constantly snubbed by troy and gabriella after working hard for years

    There were the theater kids who understood Sharpay better than we ever could:

    Sharpay and Ryan were robbed and Troy and Gabriella didn’t even have MUSICAL THEATER experience... singing karaoke one time together don’t mean shit... BYE

    Sharpay wasn’t the villain she put her blood sweat and tears into theater and didn’t want someone who wasn’t all about it to take her crown especially two people who wasn’t even reliable to show up

    With my years experience in theater the one thing I learned the most is that Sharpay was in the right all along #TroyAndGabriellaAreOverParty

    And there are those who realize that Sharpay and Ryan are better than Troy and Gabriella could ever be:

    the older i get the more i realize that ryan and sharpay were ten million times better than troy and gabriella

    cultural impact: █    █  █  █  _ ryan e sharpay troy e gabriella

    i may be untalented and ugly but at least it didn't take me years to realize that ryan and sharpay were better than troy and grabiella

    Troy and Gabriela??? Boring and basic Sharpay and Ryan??? SPARKLY AND FABULOUS

    Still don't believe me? This person created a whole POWER POINT explaining how Sharpay was done dirty in the HSM franchise.

    i really made a whole powerpoint and presented it in front of my freshman college english class on why sharpay was NOT the antagonist of the high school musical trilogies and i think that is the most performing arts major thing i could possibly do

    You wanna know who the real villain is? KELSI! If it weren't for her and her meddling ways, Sharpay and Ryan would have been the leads in the musical like they were supposed to be.

    So yeah, Sharpay Evans is drastically misunderstood and I'm happy that she's finally bopped her way to the top of our hearts.