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    32 Shakespeare Jokes To Get You Back In The Mood For Those 8 A.M. English Classes

    "Not to be dramatic but [THUNDER AND LIGHTNING, ENTER THREE WITCHES]."

    ICYMI, Spark Notes has a funny as hell Twitter account.

    Specifically, their Shakespeare memes are one for the ~books~.

    So please enjoy this carefully curated selection of hilarious Shakespeare jokes:

    1. Any Shakespeare play:

    Shakespeare writing his history plays

    2. Romeo and Juliet:

    3. Julius Caesar:

    What he says: Et tu, Brute? What he means:

    4. Hamlet:

    Hamlet: Hamlet's dad, appearing out of nowhere:

    5. Macbeth:

    Macbeth: Idk if I can kill Duncan. Lady Macbeth:

    6. Twelfth Night:

    Viola and Sebastian at the end of Twelfth Night

    7. Romeo and Juliet:

    8. Julius Caesar:

    Cassius convincing Brutus to help assassinate Julius Caesar

    9. Hamlet:

    10. Macbeth:

    11. King Lear:

    12. Romeo and Juliet:

    Mercutio: But wait I thought you were in love with Rosaline. Romeo:

    13. Julius Caesar:

    Julius Caesar when he saw everyone pulling out their daggers

    14. Hamlet:

    flowchart: should you murder your uncle? did he kill your father so he could marry your mother and steal the throne for himself? | | yes maybe / \ do it do it but procrastinate a lot

    15. Macbeth:


    16. The Winter's Tale:

    Not to be dramatic but [exeunt, pursued by a bear]

    17. Romeo and Juliet:

    Friar Laurence: Make sure you tell Romeo that Juliet isn’t actually dead. Friar John: Okay. Friar John:

    18. Julius Caesar:

    julius caesar arriving at the senate ready to give a speech alongside his buddies

    19. Hamlet:

    Hamlet when Horatio arrives in Denmark

    20. Macbeth:

    21. Othello:

    Othello: Wait but I thought you said my wife was cheating on me. Iago:

    22. Romeo and Juliet:

    Friar Laurence, showing up at the Capulets' crypt: Let me see what you have. Juliet:

    23. Julius Caesar:

    Not a cell phone in sight. Just people living in the moment. Beautiful.

    24. Hamlet:

    What do we say to the ghost of our dead father who's asking us to murder our uncle

    25. Macbeth:

    26. Any Shakespeare play:

    A minor inconvenience: *happens* A Shakespeare character:

    27. Romeo and Juliet:

    Friar John sending Romeo the letter explaining that Juliet's not actually dead

    28. Julius Caesar:

    Soothsayer: Beware the Ides of March. Julius Caesar:

    29. Hamlet:

    No one: Hamlet:

    30. Macbeth:

    31. Romeo and Juliet:

    When Mercutio agrees to duel Tybalt

    32. In conclusion:

    The plot of pretty much every Shakespearean tragedy