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    19 Jokes You'll Laugh At If You're Obsessed With Romance Novels

    If there's no romance, I DON'T WANT IT!

    As an avid lover/hoarder of romance novels, I've pretty much accepted that life will never be as titillating or intriguing as an enemies-to-lovers book, and that's OK!

    So, if you're anything like me, then please enjoy these jokes specifically curated for the romance-obsessed — but not real romance, just text-based romance:


    people around me getting into relationships while i’m sat at home reading romance novel after romance novel and the more i read them the higher my standards rise

    Twitter: @brennasdior


    Me: I LOVE ROMANCE NOVELS! Give it to me. Inject it in my veins Sees couple in love: GET A DAMN ROOM! don't nobody want to see that!

    Twitter: @tylachelleco


    Narrator: I hate him, but he sure is cute. Us:

    Twitter: @OnFrolic


    me ???????? obsessed ????? with reading romance books to escape real life????????? yes

    Twitter: @blackstvairs


    Listening to romance audiobooks is so wild it just be some random man moaning in your ear 😭😭

    Twitter: @minareadss


    god created men and then romance books as an apology

    Twitter: @sherlockohlmes


    bitches be like "i’m busy" then binge read a spicy romance book for seven hours straight. it’s me… i’m bitches.

    Twitter: @aIIistergianna


    Twitter: @darklingsaint


    i do be reading a lot of romance books for someone who has commitment issues

    Twitter: @peoniesangel


    Deleting dating apps so I can find someone the old-fashioned way (finding out I’m the heir to a throne, then realizing my best friend’s brother loved me before I turned out to be a princess.)

    Twitter: @megcabot


    the way timothee chalamet owes his entire career to this man

    Twitter: @skintinty


    having 100 pages left in a romance book but the couple is already happy and together

    Twitter: @HER0ND4ISY


    if you tell me your book has a childhood enemies to lovers romance

    Twitter: @thebookvoyagers


    someone recommends me a book with no romance me:

    Twitter: @DAISYSC0RTANA


    i deserve to be a girl in a romance book i’m done with this real world shit

    Twitter: @89FOLKLORE


    Men should just start reading romance books and learn a thing or two

    Twitter: @sidreadss


    me ??????? obsessed ??????? one sided enemies to lovers where the man has always loved the girl ?????????????? yes

    Twitter: @sethmqr


    me: i hate clichés author: they agree to a marriage of convenience but then realize they actually have feelings for each other also me, crying: ohmygod they agree to a marriage of convenience but then realize they actually have feelings for each other

    Twitter: @carlylane

    19. In conclusion:

    "will you ever stop reading romance books?” N   O     O      o      o       o      o      。     。    .    .

    Twitter: @blackstvairs