16 Reasons Why, Out Of All The Characters On "Criminal Minds," Spencer Reid Is The Best One

    "This is calm, and it's 'doctor.'"

    Criminal Minds is one of the few reasons why I wake up in the mornings. Specifically, Dr. Spencer Walter Reid.

    Spencer waving and smiling awkwardly.

    So, since I've been watching and rewatching this series practically nonstop throughout quarantine, I decided now is as good a time as any to turn my obsession into something productive and list out all the reasons why Dr. Spencer Reid is the best part of Criminal Minds.

    1. FIRST OF ALL, this mans can pull off ANY length of hair. Short, mid, long — Spencer hasn't met a 'do that he won't pull off:

    Spencer with varying haircuts.

    2. Then there's the matter of his intelligence level. Not only does he have an eidetic memory...

    Spencer saying that he's a genius.

    3. ...he can also read 20,000 words a minute, which comes in handy when the team needs to get through a lot of documents in not a lot of time.

    4. This particular set of skills makes him ace at catching tiny details — details a normal mind wouldn't be able to catch and often solves the case in the knick of time.

    Spence telling Hotch that there's a prisoner missing.

    5. But, just because he's a smarty-pants doesn't mean he isn't also #relatable. I think we ALL struggle with workouts...

    Spencer gasping for air after his run.

    6. ...and dating.

    Spencer in the pool with Lila.

    7. The above average IQ mixed with his, ahem, lack of social skills, is why he has a heart of GOLD.

    Spencer talking about his girlfriend, Maeve.

    8. This is also precisely why the CM writers room puts Spencer through the ringer, time and time again. Because they know that he can take it!

    Spence telling Hotch that he kicks like a 9-year-old girl.

    9. Like, he overcame addiction.

    10. He survived a wrongful imprisonment.

    Spencer lining up for his mugshot.

    11. AND he survived the LOVE OF HIS LIFE dying right in front of his eyes.

    Spencer telling the unsub to not shoot his girlfriend.

    12. But he's not just a fan favorite — he's a fave of the B.A.U.'s as well. Enough for JJ and Morgan to name him the godfather of their children...

    Spence reacting to Henry's costume.

    13. ...and he's also the namesake of Morgan's son, Hank Spencer Morgan.

    14. It doesn't even matter if he has a personal connection with the child — he's good with all kids!

    Spencer playing piano with a victim's child.

    15. And yet, SOMEHOW, even with all of this, he can be cheeky and pull pranks.

    Spencer pranking Morgan.

    16. But, the number one reason why Dr. Spencer Reid is the top dog? BECAUSE HE IS THE TOP DOG!

    Spencer Reid getting investigated.

    Two hips and a hooray for Dr. Spencer Reid!