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    "Sweet Life: Los Angeles" Is Issa Rae's New Reality Show And, Needless To Say, I'm 100% Obsessed

    Move over, Zack and Cody!

    Earlier this month, HBO Max announced its latest collaboration with queen Issa Rae, and it's called Sweet Life: Los Angeles.

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    The existence of Sweet Life: LA implies the existence of Sweet Life: Miami, Chicago, NYC, Toronto, and MORE!

    The unscripted series follows a friend group of ambitious, Black twentysomethings who are living their best lives β€” mess et. al. β€” in South LA.

    I think it goes without saying that this show is the perfect balance of Black excellence and Black messiness β€” and as a lover of both of those things, it's no wonder why this is my new favorite show.

    So, please allow me to explain all the reasons why Sweet Life should shoot up to the top of your queue.

    1. First of all, this show comes to us from the mind of Issa Rae, a genius in this modern age of television:

    Issa Rae posing at a press event

    2. The show depicts the epic highs and messy lows of a tight friend group:

    3. Not only do we get beautiful depictions of Black love...

    4. ...we also get positive depictions of Black male and female friendships!

    5. They do not censor themselves β€” at all:

    Jordan talking to the camera in his confessional

    6. I also love seeing Black women putting themselves out there!

    Becky and P'Jae talking by the fire pit with the caption "You know that I kind of like you; it's obvious"

    7. Of course, there's chaos:

    Jordan and Bri flirting at the dinner table

    8. And don't even get me STARTED on the P'Jae, Becky, and Myami of it all:

    P'Jae texting Becky after their altercation

    9. It's not just the stars of the show that give me life β€” but also the highlighting of local Black businesses!

    10. We need to take a moment to appreciate how these humans DRESS! They're all getting added to my Pinterest board:

    Cheryl eating a sandwich and looking fly as hell in a striped sweater

    11. And the MUSIC? *Chef's kiss*

    12. I also love the diverse Blackness and diverse bodies!

    The women of Sweet Life: LA posing on a yacht

    13. All in all, these friends are REAL and they big up each other when they're thriving and are there for one another when times get tough:

    Jordan giving praise to Amanda on her birthday

    Now, what are you still doing here? Go watch Sweet Life: Los Angeles, which airs every Thursday on HBO Max!