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    I Am *Wheezing* At All These Leslie Knope Memes In Response To Pres. Joe Biden's Inauguration

    Joe Biden is the first actor from Parks and Recreation to become the President of the United States.

    Today, Joe Biden was sworn in as our 46th president of the United States.

    Joe Biden swearing in as the president of the United States

    Emotions are running high and I cannot help but use Leslie Knope as a vehicle to describe how I'm feeling:

    Leslie Knope fawning over Joe Biden

    The rest of the internet is in agreement, because a LOT of people are thinking of Leslie Knope on this blessed day. Here are some of the funniest tweets:


    Joe Biden is the first actor from Parks and Recreation to become the President of the United States.

    Twitter: @nocontextpawnee


    My one wish is for Amy Poehler to reprise her role as Leslie Knope to react to today's inauguration.

    Twitter: @NataliaVNavarro


    Twitter: @Geeky_Waffle


    Feeling a little like Leslie Knope in this pic today:

    Twitter: @noradominick


    Happy Leslie Knope Day! #InaugurationDay

    NBC / Getty Images / Twitter: @FightOnGaga


    me watching the inauguration and trying to spot leslie knope and ben wyatt in the crowd

    Twitter: @rosasknope


    BREAKING : blonde woman, identified as Leslie Knope, faints at joe bidens inauguration

    Twitter: @smaIIestpark


    leslie knope showing up to the white house after joe biden moves in

    Twitter: @bluntspoehIer


    america leslie knope 🤝 can't believe biden's actually here

    Twitter: @cecesfitz


    Leslie Knope right now watching Joe Biden's inauguration.

    Twitter: @NumbersMuncher


    good to see that joe biden’s security kept their promise to leslie knope

    Twitter: @lesIiebens


    breaking: home alone 2 actor donald trump is out of office; parks and rec actor joe biden is officially sworn in

    Twitter: @_antmanda


    Twitter: @sepinwall


    Breaking: Woman identified as Leslie Knope jailed after flashing Joe Biden and the entire gathering at the Capitol in celebration of his Inauguration.

    Twitter: @bluntspoehIer


    I would like to think Leslie Knope would be having a good day today

    Twitter: @EmilyMaser


    If we don't get a Parks and Rec special that is just Leslie Knope reacting to Joe Biden as president, I will lose my mind

    Twitter: @laraisuncool

    17. In conclusion:

    Leslie Knope is trending right now she deserves this