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    If You've Ever Been The Only Black Person In Any Situation, You Can Relate

    "What's on fleek?"

    1. When you walk into work on the first day and realize you're the only black person in the office.

    2. When someone sees your hair and immediately asks if it's real. Like, mind your business Susan, what does it matter?

    3. Or better yet, when someone reaches to touch your hair without your permission, but you can't stop them for fear that you might come off as rude.

    4. When someone asks you what a ~trendy~ slang word means, like they can't look it up on Urban Dictionary.

    5. When you're the only black person in a heated discussion about social issues and no one is acknowledging an ounce of their privilege.

    6. When you're forced to go to a convenience store that's not in your neighborhood and they have NONE OF YOUR NATURAL HAIR PRODUCTS.

    7. When a non-black person talks to you about a black icon like they're the ones who discovered them. Chile please.

    8. When your friends don't understand that you can't just ~go to bed~ after a night out. You have to undergo the process that is wrapping your hair and laying your edges.

    9. When you're in a group and they start talking about the most niche subject that somehow they're all masters in. Like how do all these people know all these random-ass facts about Seinfeld???

    10. When no one else understands that your hairstyle that day is completely dependent on the elements. Oh it's rainin'? My ass is staying inside.

    11. When you always have to bring back-up flavor reinforcements to restaurants/functions/potlucks in case the food is ~lacking~ in taste. Salt. Is not. A spice.

    12. When someone says something so utterly ignorant that it renders you speechless.

    13. When people assume you're dating a ~certain someone~ purely because they're the only other black person. Joke's on you, I'm single AF.

    14. Whenever someone one tells you "Omg you're black, but you're not like black black," as if you asked them for their opinion.

    15. When you REALLY wanna say "screw it," and cuss a bitch out for dropping some microaggressions.

    16. Yet, you somehow find the strength to rise above, and take the higher ground.

    17. Because, at the end of the day, you know that being black is beautiful.