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    We Need To Talk About Madison And Peter From Last Night's Episode Of "The Bachelor"

    Will there ever be a drama- free Fantasy Suite episode?

    Last night was the ~Fantasy Suite~ episode of The Bachelor, a fan favorite because it's the first time that the contestants are allowed to spend a night with the Bachelor/Bachelorette WITHOUT any cameras.


    Now, even though it's not explicitly stated, usually contestants and the bach/'ette participate in some, ahem, NSFC (not safe for cameras) activities.


    I'm saying this because there has been discourse online about Madison's conversation with Peter after he spent the night with two other women.


    A lil' backstory: during Hometowns, Madison and her mother had a conversation about if Madi had told Peter that she's saving herself for marriage (spoiler alert: she had not).


    Fast forward to the beginning of Fantasy Suites, Madi expressed to Peter that it would be really "hard for [her] to move forward" if Peter sleeps with anyone during Fantasy Suite week.


    When it was finally time for Peter and Madi's night together, Madi point blank asked if Peter had sex with the other two girls and Peter revealed to her that he had been "intimate."


    Peter expressed that he could see himself with Madi at the end of all this — but he could also see himself with Victoria F. and Hannah Ann.

    So, Madi made her decision.


    And this started an ENTIRE debate on Twitter.

    A lot of people agreed with Madi and the "ultimatum" she gave Peter:

    CAN I JUST SAY Madi’s thoughts are completely valid, saving herself or not, for not wanting to get engaged to someone who slept with someone else 6 days before their engagement #TheBachelor

    hannah ann and victoria are really going to sit there wearing cross necklaces and judge madi for decisions she made based on her faith?? C’mon ladies we’re better than this #TheBachelor

    I don’t think Madi is giving Peter an ultimatum or telling Peter him what to do. She’s telling him how she feels. He has to take that for what it’s worth. #TheBachelor

    Madi isn’t mad about who he slept with in the past, she is upset that he slept with two girls within a week of potentially proposing to her. There is a difference, if he truly loved her he would not have wanted to be intimate with the other girls. End of story 👏🏼 #TheBachelor

    I know Victoria F. isn’t acting like Madi is being manipulative when that’s what she’s been doing all season #TheBachelor

    However, a decent amount of Bach Nation believes Madi should have brought this up a little sooner — most importantly, before he had already had his overnight with two other women:

    Madi: I feel that I owe it to you to be completely honest Bachelor Nation: Maybe that should have been said sooner #TheBachelor

    Super fair that Madison can’t imagine being engaged to a man who slept with another woman the week before. However....that is how this show works. Maybe Madi didn’t think she would make it this far... #TheBachelor

    What if Peter said to Madi: “Excuse me? We are not married and you are not my wife. How dare you tell me what I can or cannot do with my body!” Double standard much? If we stan Hannah B, why not stan Peter for doing what he wants with his body? #thebachelor #thebachelorabc

    madi: *watches peter have sex with hannah b in the windmill 4 times* also madi: “I would feel really uncomfortable if you slept with anyone else” #thebachelor

    Let us know your thoughts on the Peter/Madison situation in the comments below!

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