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    Kylie Jenner Posted About The Animals Dying In Australia...And Then Posted A Pic Of Her New Fur Slippers

    We're only six days into 2020, y'all.

    I'm just gonna jump right into this one because I literally cannot. This weekend, Kylie Jenner reposted Kim Kardashian West's IG story about all the animals that are dying in the Australian fires.

    Had Kylie left it at that, clearly I wouldn't be writing anything about it. But a mere 12 hours later, Kylie posted this pic of her sparkling-new her $1,500 MINK LOUIS VUITTON SLIPPERS!

    I...I just...I need to go lie down.

    Normally I'm not one to judge how people spend their coins, but this was just insensitive.

    Kylie posting about how she is feeling heartbroken about the death of animals in Australia due to fire and then posting her wearing a slipper made of minks fur is the biggest hypocrisy of 2020...

    Couldn't have said it better myself.

    People are GOBSMACKED at the hypocrisy of it all:

    @Lithunium_Snow @PioFigueroa What’s worse is that these animals get killed like nothing and sold to expensive brands for like $5 only to be resold for $1000+.

    @Lithunium_Snow So sad the she would purchase these 😢😢

    When I saw that post I was gonna give her the benefit of the doubt of them being faux fur,, they are most definitely not.

    Kylie Jenner posting about saving the koalas and then posting her real mink fur slippers.....make it make sense!?!

    kylie jenner really thought she was doing something when she posted being heart broken about half a billion animals dying in the australia fires and then proceeded to post a picture of her louis vuitton real mink fur slippers

    A lot of people, however, are disappointed but not at all surprised:

    @Lithunium_Snow obviously doesn't break her heart enough to donate as much as she can to help. or to stop buying real fur. but am I surprised? no.

    @KariTacoma @Lithunium_Snow Disappointing, but not surprising, no.

    i realize that the kardashians don’t have to publicize every donation they make, but you can’t deny how out of touch it was for kylie to post a story like ‘omg animals dying :(‘ and then right after post a picture of her $1000 /MINK FUR/ SLIPPERS

    In times like these, I have to remember that to err is human and everybody makes mistakes, but my goodness. This was just...not good.