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    People Are Realizing — Me Included — In The Year 2020 That KFC Follows 11 "Herbs" And "Spices" On Twitter

    Finger-lickin' genius!

    KFC is a popular restaurant that sells Kentucky Fried Chicken and accompanying finger-lickin' good™ accoutrements.


    In case you're unaware, the reason KFC is so FLG™ is due to its top-secret blend of 11 herbs and spices.

    KFC / Via

    This is going to be important going forward.

    So when I TELL YOU I was in shock and awe when I saw this video on my "for you" page about the accounts that KFC follows on Twitter, I'm telling the TRUTH.


    its finger lickin good #foryou #fyp #CanYouWorkIt

    ♬ original sound - itssmekp

    Naturally, I had to do some digging and see for myself...and KFC is now my new fave account:

    A screenshot of KFC's Twitter page, showing that they follow 11 people.
    @KFC / Via Twitter: @kfc

    They follow 11 people...these five ladies, who are members of the Spice Girls:

    A list of the Spice Girls' Twitter accounts.

    AAANNND...six men named Herb:

    A list of six Twitter account whose names are all Herb.

    So it looks like KFC follows 11 HERBS AND SPICES!!!



    Upon googling this phenomenon, I realized that I am extremely late to this game — like, the game is over and the teams have gone home. But guess what? IT'S STILL BRAND-NEW FINGER-LICKIN' INFORMATION TO ME!