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    There's A Funny Twitter Thread About "Things That Feel Gay But Aren't," And Artie From "Glee" Had The Best Response

    Me and Catherine O'Hara in Home Alone: "KEVIN!"

    The other day, I was minding my own business, when I came across this viral Twitter thread started by CNN's Nathan McDermott:

    what’s something that ISN’T gay but still FEELS gay to you?

    As a str8, I consider it an honor and a privilege when content from Gay Twitter™ makes its way onto my timeline.

    The responses were, in a word, hilarious:

    Also, ladybugs are canonically straight.

    However, as hilarious as these responses are, Glee and NLT alum Kevin McHale 100% won.

    So you can understand the full magnitude of the joke, lemme provide some context. Kevin McHale — who's out and proud and has the most precious boyfriend — played Artie Abrams, a straight. Darren Criss — who's straight and is married to the wonderful Mia Swier — played Blaine Anderson, half of the most iconic gay couple in network television*.

    Now that you're equipped with that info, I present you with Kevin McHale's award-winning tweet:

    Live footage of my reaction:

    If you're a fan of Glee or Hedwig and the Angry Inch or The Assassination of Gianni Versace, then you can see why this joke LANDS!

    Kurt saying "totally"

    The icing on the cake? Darren's response:

    Anyway, I hope this brought you as much laughter as it brought me.