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    17 "Glee" Tweets That Have Me Convinced Mr. Schue Should Have Lost His Teaching License

    Right to jail.

    As a youth, Glee had a grasp on me that I couldn't understand nor did I try to resist.

    However, as an adult who hates their love of Glee, I came to realize a few truths: 1. Mercedes was the best singer in glee club; 2. Brittany S. Pierce should have gotten a spin-off; 3. Mr. Schue was an awful teacher and an even worse mentor.

    He was a Spanish teacher that barely knew Spanish, he had NO adult friends aside from Ms. Pillsbury — a woman he pursued while he was married / she was in a relationship — and he forced a bunch of high school students to neglect their studies in order to win him a national trophy.

    So, here's a collection of funny tweets by humans who agree that Mr. Schue ain't shit:


    Why was Mr. Schue trying to flex his dancing skills on 16 year olds?

    Twitter: @cano__bella


    mr schue fought with 12 minors because they wanted to perform a britney spears song

    Twitter: @gIeethings


    If you ever start to miss Glee just imagine Mr. Schue singing "Hotline Bling" and then you'll quickly realize that you're glad it's over.

    Twitter: @koreykuhl


    @francisforevers Mr. Schue is a terrible teacher and I will die on this correct hill.

    Twitter: @crenshaw_alyssa


    @alisonluffs why were we all okay with the fact that mr schue had no adult friends

    Twitter: @4fallinginlove


    why does mr schuester move like them...... am i going insane

    Twitter: @caseyaonso


    Will Schuester is the real villain of Glee as he turned what should be a fun extracurricular art activity into a life consuming competitive sport


    it’s okay to admit that glee had bops! it’s okay to admit that glee was actually good! it’s not okay to like will schuester tho

    Twitter: @evelynscqlia


    @stanenergy why is glee going to disney plus? will schuester is far too traumatizing for disney plus lol

    Twitter: @3mackenziemurph


    white male entitlement is WILL SCHUSTER thinking he DESERVED TENURE when he was a SPANISH TEACHER who COULD NOT EVEN SPEAK SPANISH (this is about the tv show glee)

    Twitter: @baddanadanabad


    🏆 TOP 10 GLEE SHIPS🏆 🥇 Mr. Schuester and Prision (1000%)😍

    Twitter: @MckinleyUpdates / FOX Image Collection via Getty Images


    remember on glee when mr. schuester made those children listen to him rap

    Twitter: @DanaSchwartzzz


    I will NEVER get over Will Schuester suspending a girl from the Glee Club because she wouldn’t wear a bikini for a performance. ITS NOT TOO LATE TO FILM A REUNION AND SHOW HIM IN JAIL

    Twitter: @annalyngraceful


    wanted nothing more than to be a glee club member at mckinley until i rewatched glee and realized will schuester should be in jail

    Twitter: @rachelzegler


    the glee cover of vogue is infinitely better than madonna's original purely because it contains the line "will schuester, i hate you". in this essay, i will,

    Twitter: @gothbabys


    Will Schuester is in the Bad Place.

    Twitter: @Janet12358W


    I always hated Sue Sylvester when I watched Glee as a kid, but as an adult, not only do I not hate her, but I wish she would have been more successful at ruining Will’s life

    Twitter: @aliahdomino