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    Joey King Was Nominated For Her First Emmy And We're BOTH Emotional About It

    I am so happy for her.

    This is Joey King.

    You may know her from such works as Ramona and Beezus...

    ...or The Kissing Booth...

    ...or, most notably and recently, The Act.

    Well, just this morning, our fair Joey was nominated for her FIRST-EVER EMMY AWARD for her role as Gypsy Blanchard in The Act.

    The only thing more amazing than this 19-year-old tour de force getting her first Emmy nom is her REACTION to getting said nom.

    First, we both broke down in tears:

    Then she called her mom, still in shock:

    AND THEN she called her fellow co-star and nominee, Patricia Arquette.

    I cannot deal.

    So three hips and a hooray for Joey King! Congrats on your nomination, JK! Hopefully this is the first of many!