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    Jamie Lee Curtis's Response To A Twitter User Calling Her "Broke" Is, In A Word, Iconic

    "I sold Activia yogurt for seven years. I wasn't broke."

    This, dear reader, is none other than Jamie Lee Curtis. Actor, author, activist, and ambassador of probiotic eats.

    This weekend, the illustrious scream queen hosted a watch party for Halloween (2018), the reboot of her iconic slasher movie from the '70s, on Twitter.

    Hi everyone. Welcome. Get comfy. #HalloweenAtHome

    Anyone who has eyes can recognize the RANGE and TALENT that Jamie Lee Curtis possesses. One Twitter user expressed his love for the actor in this heartwarming Tweet:

    @jamieleecurtis you are so amazing to really embrace these films and to stay involved with them for over 40 years. I don’t think you even know how loved you are and how grateful the fans are that you keep playing Laurie for us. We love you!!!! #HalloweenAtHome

    And, because it's Twitter, someone had to stomp all over this precious tweet and ruin it:

    She hates horror movies...she was broke and they agreed to put a #MeToo theme into the movie #HalloweenAtHome

    But alas, JLC was NOT going to take this comment laying down, and she proceeded to decimate this person in under 180 characters:

    You are a grumpy goat. I sold activia yogurt for seven years. I wasn’t broke.

    "You are a grumpy goat. I sold Activia yogurt for seven years. I wasn't broke."

    Access Hollywood

    Me when I read her response:


    My childhood and teen years were filled with commercials of Jamie Lee Curtis promising that this yogurt would promote gut health — which clearly paid off!


    This just goes to show, if you try to take down Jamie Lee will get creamed.


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