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    Here Are The Best Tweet Reactions To Jack Harlow's New Single, Because The Girlies Have Been WAITING

    "You ain't one of my dawgs, why do you hound us? It's very few of you I like, but it's a whole lot of y'all I don't trust."

    This past weekend was the Super Bowl, but, somehow, even more importantly, last weekend was the Sports Illustrated Super Bowl party that led up to the big game.

    The party included performances by Kygo and special guests Joe Jonas and DNCE. However, *I* was most excited for a certain artist by the name of Jack Harlow.

    Jack Harlow performing on stage

    Before Jack took the stage, BuzzFeed was able to snag a few moments with the future rap legend to discuss his new single, "Nail Tech," which dropped TODAY!

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    Atlantic /

    Of the single, Jack revealed that fans should expect one thing and one thing only: Greatness™.

    "Imma tell y'all some deadass shit — 'cause I know my fans are gonna be [reading] this. The alum? Shit's gonna be crazy — and not in that way that every artist says that about their stuff — it's gonna be a big step forward for me and that's all I'm gonna say."


    Now that the single is out for everyone to hear, I can't help but agree that we're in store for some epic greatness. Don't believe me? Peep all the fans who are already obsessed with the single from the Louisville native:

    jack harlow need to stop consistently dropping all this heat before there's zero women left

    Atlantic / Twitter: @sadcrib
    Twitter: @Dremodrizzy
    Twitter: @Spacely1z

    @jackharlow jack i can keep a secret too

    Twitter: @chargedmoo


    Atlantic / Twitter: @h4rlows

    If Jack Harlow don’t do nothing else he’ll go crazy on his verse every time

    Atlantic / Twitter: @thekillakay_

    Needless to say, ya girl is excited to see what Jack Harlow has in store for us.

    😌😌😌…something is brewing

    Twitter: @jackharlow