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"Ellen" Is Ending After 19 Seasons, And Dakota Johnson Has Entered The Chat

*Dakota Johnson has entered the chat.*

Earlier today, it was announced that The Ellen Show is coming to an end after 19 seasons. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show was no longer a "challenge," which is the reason Ellen gave for the show's end.

Ellen DeGeneres to End Talk Show: “It’s Just Not A Challenge Anymore” (Exclusive)

Twitter: @THR

However, the ending of Ellen's show comes in the wake of sexual misconduct and toxic workplace allegations, but, according to the statement, these events haven't played a role in the final decision.

Ellen DeGeneres waving on the red carpet

And, of course, this news came out only 18 months after Dakota Johnson's infamous interview*.

Dakota Johnson sitting on Ellen's couch getting interviewed

So, here are some of the best reactions to this news:


every tongue that rises against dakota johnson shall fall!

Twitter: @hunteryharris


Twitter: @evanrosskatz


dakota johnson has done more for society by ending ellen degeneres than most of your faves have in their careers and it shows

Twitter: @canaryfilmss


Ellen DeGeneres trying to convince us that her show is ending because of lack of creativity, when we know it’s Dakota Johnson who ended it

Twitter: @joshuachenault1


@jaqcuesadit @THR "I want Ellen to know it was me."

Twitter: @dbalsz


My good sis called Ellen out on a lie and her life has been in disarray ever since. I hope she’s having an AMAZING DAY. What a moment!

Twitter: @IWriteAllDay_


heard Ellen DeGeneres ending her show

Twitter: @MiceyPicey


Dakota Johnson reading about the ellen show ending

Twitter: @notn1co


ellen is retiring to spend more time with george w bush

Twitter: @davidmackau


“That’s not the truth, Ellen.”

Twitter: @RyanSchocket


LOL exactly what was challenging for Ellen about dancing poorly and playing Operation with her guests

Twitter: @drewmagary


BREAKING: Ellen DeGeneres to End Talk Show: “I Need Something New to Challenge Me” ...guess those ratings didn't see a bounce after her staff outed her for terrible treatment

Twitter: @WayneDupreeShow


I’ll host it

Twitter: @iSmashFizzle


Liza Minnelli has outlived Ellen DeGeneres’s daytime talk show. Ellen has decided the upcoming season, the show’s nineteenth, will be the last.

Twitter: @LiZaOutlives


it will NEVER not be funny to me that Ellen's public downfall started when she lied about not being invited to Dakota Johnson's party, when in reality she couldnt come because she was at a football game with her good friend George W Bush.

Twitter: @BridgetMarie


Ellen DeGeneres ending her show because "it’s just not a challenge anymore"

Twitter: @RingerDish


Ellen DeGeneres die-hard fans waking up this morning to find out they won't be getting Ellen's 15 days of giveaways for Christmas any longer.

Twitter: @itsJohnny05


dakota johnson finding out that the ellen degeneres show is ending

Twitter: @kathleen_hanley