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    The Internet And I Are Losing It Over Dev Patel Starring In A Biopic About Chippendales


    This year has been, pardon my French, a shitshow. But with every dark cloud comes a silver lining, and 2020's silver lining comes in the form of Mr. Dev Patel.

    This fine gentleman will star in a biopic about the Chippendales founder turned murderer, Somen "Steve" Banerjee.

    Dev Patel on the red carpet in a tux.

    Yes. THOSE Chippendales.

    Before we get TOO excited — remember, he was also a murderer — Banerjee himself wasn't a stripper, so not sure how much of, ahem, Dev Patel we're gonna see.

    Still, the Patel-Hive is over the moon with this news and flooded to Twitter to express their excitement!


    finding out dev patel doesn't get to play a chippendale in the chippendale movie

    If Dev Patel murders me in his strip club, DO NOT PROSECUTE HIM because HE caught ME slipping. That is on ME

    Apologies in advance but the Dev Patel Chippendales movie is all I will be talking about for the foreseeable future

    I would spend $15 to watch Dev Pattel pick out wall colors for his bathroom. I’m sure as shit following him to an 80’s male strip club murder saga #chippendales

    No news on the release date or other cast members, but you better believe I will be waiting with bated breath!