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Please And Kindly Share With Us Your "Criminal Minds" Hot Takes

Without Reid and Garcia, the BAU would be USELESS!

Criminal Minds is, objectively, an amazing show.

And, being its number one fan, I have developed some hot takes — and I need to share them!

Like, is it just me, or did anyone else wanna see Morgan and Garcia get together?

Or did anyone else like, for no reason, low-key hate J.J.?

Or, can we ALL agree that without Reid's eidetic memory and Garcia's mad hacker skills, the B.A.U. couldn't solve a SINGLE case?

Reid looking over Garcia's shoulder as she hacks on the computer

So tell us your unpopular or chaotic Criminal Minds opinions — and why you stand by them — in the comments below, and your answer could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!