Here Are 26 Teeny-Tiny Details From Some Iconic Horror Movies That Are Both Clever And Haunting

    In A Quiet Place, even though the events of the film take place in October, the reason why they have fireworks for the end of the film is because it's been over 400 days, which meant they went into lockdown right before the 4th of July.

    1. This eery radio warning: 

    2. This alternate universe currency: 

    3. This spooky breakfast food: 

    4. This storytelling device:

    5. This double entendre: 

    6. This hindsight foreshadow:

    7. This emotional clothing choice: 

    8. This artistic inspiration: 

    9. This name inspiration: 

    10. This literal story within a story: 

    11. This character study: 

    12. This hidden name reveal: 

    13. This haunting harbinger: 

    14. This unchanged workspace: