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    23 Subtle Details From "Community" That Prove It's The Perfect Show

    *Six seasons and a movie*

    The year was 2009 when Community hit our airwaves. Little did we know this show was not only going to be hilarious, but also friggin' clever!

    Title card for Community

    Community is one of my favorite shows — I can go on and on about "Critical Film Studies" (Season 2, Episode 19) — but even I wasn't able to catch all these subtle details and Easter eggs buried in the episodes.

    So, here are some of the most clever details from Community:

    Also, shoutout to my fellow Human Beings in the r/TVDetails and r/community for noticing all the details that I didn't! 

    1. This character detail: 

    2. This roommate detail: 

    3. This news crawl detail: 

    4. This costume detail: 

    5. This other costume detail: 

    6. This throwback detail: 

    7. This boat detail: 

    Also, peep the name of the boat! It's a nod to Donald Glover's rap name, Childish Gambino. 

    8. This credit detail: 

    9. This sitcom detail:

    10. This comforting detail:

    11. This marvel-ous detail: 

    12. This NSFW detail: 

    13. This character detail: 

    14. This missing lady detail: 

    15. This down-to-the-detail detail: 

    16. This outfit detail: 

    17. This on-brand detail: 

    18. This NBC detail: 

    19. This accessory detail: 

    20. This birthday detail: 

    21. This trash can detail: 

    22. This personality detail: 

    23. Last, but not least, this cameo detail:

    What are your favorite Community Easter eggs? Let us know in the comments!