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    Ever Wondered What Billie Eilish Looks Like With Natural Hair? Well, Do I Have The Pic For You

    This girl can rock any hair color.

    We've grown accustomed to seeing Billie Eilish with her signature blue locks:

    Recently, she started rocking some neon-green roots that would look dumb on anyone else but look fresh as heck atop Billie's head:

    But have you ever wondered what Billie looks like with "natural" hair? WELL, TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY!


    In the music video for "Xanny" — her directorial debut! — Billie appeased all of our curious minds with this LEWK!


    Like, wow. She's almost unrecognizable!


    I am, in a word, obsessed.


    This just goes to show that there is no hair color that Billie CAN'T rock!