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    Anne Hathaway Just Won The Pillow Challenge, So Y'all Can All Go Home Now

    "A queen is never late..."

    Everyone can pack up and go home because Anne Hathaway just won the #PillowChallenge.

    Her caption is what pushed her over the edge:

    @annehathaway / Via

    Like, as a Fanne Hathaway, am I biased? Yes. But still, this is the work of legends.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    In case you're like, "Wait, what's the #PillowChallenge?" Allow me to explain.

    Instagram stylist and personal shopper @StyleByNelli posted this challenge on her IG a few weeks ago.

    The trend was inspired because it was "laundry day" and @StyleByNelli didn't have any cute clothes left to wear.

    It wasn't long before celebrities hopped on this fashion trend:

    @traceeellisross / Via, @halleberry / Via

    But none of that matters, because even though she was a lil' tardy to the party, Anne sure as heck showed up, with the caption to defeat all captions.

    IDK what she's listening to on those headphones, but it's probs "All I Do Is Win" by DJ Khaled.

    Buena Vista Pictures

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