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I Am Cackling At These Above Par Jokes About The 2021 Met Gala Theme (Which Is "American Fashion")

Who's gonna break out their Von Dutch trucker hat?

Earlier this week, the theme for this year's Met Gala — which is taking place on the second Monday of September rather than the first Monday of May — was announced. And it's "American Fashion."

The Met Gala is back. Andrew Bolton and Anna Wintour revealed that there will be not one, but two Costume Institute shows with theme based around “American Fashion”. This years Met Gala will be on Sept 13th, and will return to the first Monday in May of next year.

Twitter: @IAMFASHlON

With past themes such as "Camp," "Heavenly Bodies," and "Manus x Machina," this theme seemed a lil'...lackluster. Anywho, here are some funny as heck tweet reactions to this year's theme:


this years met gala theme is “american fashion”.. it’s their time to shine

Twitter: @willfulchaos


The theme for the Met Gala this year is American Fashion, y’all know what this means

Bauer-Griffin / Twitter: @gwendalupe


If I see Charli D’amelio walking on the Met Gala carpet I will shut all of this shit DOWN!

Twitter: @youwereoffbeat


@IAMFASHlON so excited for the met gala looks!!

Twitter: @cari_mclellan


Twitter: @thekidsraIright


me and my girls at the american fashion met gala

Twitter: @94GRACES


she’s going to carry this years met gala theme

Twitter: @lanascherryss


Met gala fit what do u guys think 😌

Twitter: @houseofhazel


In light of the announcement of this year's met gala theme I'd like us all to pay respect to America's ONLY fashionista

Twitter: @clondalkhun


the theme is “American Fashion” for this year’s Met Gala and someone better wear this

Twitter: @seanpaulmahoney


Twitter: @enfant_cerebral


Twitter: @TheKimbino


Twitter: @morenangdiwata


excited for someone to interpret the met gala american fashion theme with a juicy sweatsuit and i'm actually not joking

Twitter: @rachsyme


Twitter: @CinamonSlut

16. Last, but not least:

well regardless of the met gala theme we already know what the men will be wearing