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    Posted on May 12, 2016

    What Is Your Spirit Animal?

    Always wondered what your spirit animal is? Take this quiz to find out!

    1. Rise and shine! Time to get up.

      Daniel Novta Flickr: vanf

      You fumble through dreams into wakefulness. Only snatches of the night remain but you remember... you remember, an animal? Yes, some kind of animal. It looked at you and you knew... . What? No, whatever the dream was about, it's gone. Oh well. Sleep still fogs your eyes, but rubbing them, you can see that it's...

    2. OK, sleepy-head, no time to stand around gawking. Let's get you prepared for the day.

      Magnus D Flickr: magnus_d

      You open your wardrobe and see...

    3. Looking sharp!

      Aurora Cano Flickr: 41548641@N00

      You stuff a quick breakfast down your throat and hurry onto work...

    4. Here we are at last.

      Andrew Writer Flickr: dragontomato

      Interesting establishment. What did you say that you were in again?

    5. Time to get on with it then, that work isn't going to do itself.

      Brian Turner Flickr: 60588258@N00

      You get stuck in like a pro, you know the ropes by now and what tricks work best. Your motto is...

    6. Ding!

      Tech in Asia Flickr: techinasia

      You've had your head down for a few hours when a notification alerts you to your inbox, where you see that someone has spammed you with another one of those Buzzfeed quizzes. Apparently, it's designed to tell you which Disney princess you are... is it trying to imply that you're not already a Disney princess??? Pah, like you believe in anything these quizzes say. … Though, being sensible, a short break would help clear your head. And it would be interesting to see what it says about you. Just for a laugh. Naturally...

    7. Lunchtime!

      Tella Chen Flickr: withwind

      You're hungry after all that work (and several Buzzfeed quizzes). Time to tuck into...

    8. Yum! Can I have a bite?

      The Interger Club Flickr: integer_club

      You plate up and carry your lunch off to eat...

    9. Well that went fast. Back to work.

      Sarah Ackerman Flickr: sackerman519

      … Oh no. You arrive back to find that complete **** waiting for you. Here to cause trouble again. Last week you heard them insult you behind your back, talking about you in the terms that you most hate to be thought of. The **** said that you're...

    10. Man, do they know how to push your buttons.

      Pedro Vera Flickr: pvera

      It's mean, not to mention immature. Time to get your own back by...

    11. That showed them! This task is another matter however. Will home time ever come? You begin to wonder whether someone's super-glued the hands of your clock.

      Joel Gonsalves Flickr: 47664374@N00

      To keep your sanity, you take a quick break to look up possible holidays. They're expensive but it'd be worth it to get away...

    12. Freedom at last! It's still a few hours until you have to turn in.

      Jenny Ondlollne Flickr: idea-saras

      You spend it...

    13. What a day! Bed is calling.

      Janine Flickr: geishabot

      You shut your eyes and sink into the calm waters of sleep, where you dream of...

    14. In the midst of the dream, you hear someone calling your name.

      Bloomsbury Publishing

      Only to realize that this voice sounds like your own. And as it calls out again, you get the strangest feeling that it comes from within you. A shadow stirs on the edges of your vision. Or is it a flame? You turn and as those piercing eyes meet yours, a fierce kinship stirs within you. And in that moment you know... You know that it calls your name because it is a part of you. The creature moves slowly into the light, until you can see it and understand what you are deep down. This makes you...

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