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    9 Pieces Of Office Jargon That Leave You Questioning Your English Skills

    As if there wasn’t enough to worry about on your first day at the new job...

    We've all been there-- hearing a new phrase for the first time and having no clue what it means. In English-speaking workplaces around the world, native speakers often take their understanding of bizarre office slang for granted. Check out our favorite examples of confusing English phrases that can throw English language learners for a loop:

    When you got hired you were all excited like …

    But now it’s your first day and you’re like …

    ... uh oh.

    The problem is you can’t understand anyone …

    ... because they're saying things like "can you jump in?"

    And you’re like, into what?

    Or “I’ll be out of pocket today" ...

    And, "let’s circle back.”

    Which seems similar to, “let’s touch base.”

    And who knows what “putting lipstick on a pig” means.

    Or “having all your ducks in a row.”

    Seriously, what's with the farm animals ?

    Apparently we want to "move the needle" ...

    ... but we're not “trying to boil the ocean.”

    And does anyone even use complete sentences anymore?!

    And the whole time your boss is like:

    But don’t worry, you’ll get it eventually.

    There are 2 billion people around the world trying to learn English. To see which countries are most likely to understand why you don't actually put lipstick on the pig, check out the EF EPI global ranking.