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The Perils Of Being An Asian Woman On Tinder

Swiping left on your dumb expectations.

When you’re statistically the “most matched race” for females on Tinder, you’re bound to come across some idiots just fetishizing you.

1. You keep matching with the creeps that have “yellow fever.”

2. They like telling you just how much they know about obscure/uninteresting things from your culture.

3. They always need to know if you can speak your native language.

4. Or worse … they try to make themselves sound cultured and say something like, “do you speak Cantonese or Mandarin” when you’re not Chinese.

5. “So are you (specific nationality)?” “Oh, I could tell.”

6. If you have a “unique” name, they ask you what your name means.

7. If you have a “regular” name, they ask you what your Asian name is.

8. “I love sushi.”

9. The assumption that you spend your nights singing karaoke.

10. When they actually admit that they have a fetish for Asian girls.

11. Any mention of hentai:

12. When they expect you to be submissive.

13. When guys casually let you know that they’ve “never been with an Asian before.”

14. Hearing every racist comment that could possible be made as soon as they get rejected.

15. Finally un-matching them when you can no longer put up with their crap.

It’s all good though because you continue to live on with your FABULOUS ASIAN SELF.